Best of July 2015 Photo Series

We’ve had a fantastic, rainy, and fishy July and have so many photos we can barely choose which are our favorites. Just like the salmonfly hatch, we had an early trico hatch this year producing some of the best fishing of the season. Our water levels stabilized giving all of our guests the opportunity to fish as many rivers as possible, and even the staff hasn’t been able to resist the call of the river. Here are some of our favorite memories from July:The last, best fish, an Arctic Grayling, caught on Deep Creek.

Nature’s own fireworks were on display Forth of July morning at the lodge.

The Beaverhead Ranch was fishing spectacularly in July including this gorgeous brown trout.

PMX patterns were the ticket this past month, bringing in this beautiful brookie.

Guide Wade Fellin accidentally targets himself with a drone giving him some street cred scars and earning the month of July’s Dumbest Mistake with Minimal Consequences Award.

Sous chef/Server Stephanie and her sister Nicola have a banner day on the Wise River.

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain! July was surprisingly and thankfully very rainy giving us enough water to counteract an incredibly dry winter.

A classic Montana stand-off at Horse Prairie.

A beautifully blurry pic of our new adventures night fishing at Georgetown lake. Skating huge Goddard Caddis’ across the lake at sunset produced some of the most fruitful fishing in July. Pair that with the spectacular scenery and every guest came grinning ear-to-ear back to the Lodge with endless stories from the lake.

The best crew around: the guide staff and Chef Lanette share stories from the day on the back porch of the Lodge.

Leaving at the crack of dawn for fishing has its perks in the Big Hole Valley.

Yep, another jaw dropping Beaverhead brown.

A breathtaking Montana moose moment brought to you by fishing in the middle of nowhere.

It doesn’t matter what side of the bed we wake up on each morning, one of the most beautiful sunrises of all time reminds us how lucky we are to be in this magical place.

Guide Rudy Ketchum lives up to his name on the Big Hole River on a staff float day.

Sous Chef Steph puts on her guiding hat for the day and picks out a dry.

Best of June 2015 Photo Series

Hi Everyone, high water, an early Salmonfly hatch and the return of our guides, staff and visitors has kept us extremely busy throughout June and the fun has barely started! We’re going to start posting our favorite photos from each month so you all can get a sense of what we’ve been up to out in the last best place.

They came, they saw, they conquered the Big Hole. The Salmonfly hatch is the most iconic hatch on the Big Hole River and they did not disappoint this year!

Janice proves that big browns are her Big Hole River bliss.

Your favorite guides are back including Wade and Craig Fellin, Mark Thompson, Rudy Ketchum, Roy Morris, Matt Lyng, and we’re welcoming Zac Sexton to the guide staff as well this year.

“Put yourself in the way of beauty” (Wild, 2014) is something we strive for everyday out here in Wise River. This sunrise is no exception.

Riverside lunch including prosciutto, coppola, arugula and fresh mozzarella with guide Rudy Ketchum.

Pink skies are the last memento of the setting sun – taken at the Lodge.

Another perfect day catching rainbows on dries that leaves you asking yourself, “is this real life?”

Like losing an old friend, Wade Fellin lays to rest his first pair of oars in his 10th season on the river with Big Hole Lodge.

Some much needed rain descends magnificently on the valley.

The evening Caddis hatch is our happy hour on the Big Hole.

The A.M. rush hour in Wise River.


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We are pleased to announce that this coming Sunday January 18th, Big Hole Lodge will be featured in episode 2 of “Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die,” a new television series on the World Fishing Network based on Chris Santella’s book of the same name.

In this show fly fishing celebrity and host of World of Fly Fishing, Conway Bowman, floats the Big Hole guided by our own Wade Fellin and Rudy Ketchum.

Though there are plenty of beautiful, wild trout netted and our incredible scenery is highlighted, the main emphasis of this segment is the impressive conservation work being done for the river by the Big Hole Watershed Committee, Big Hole River Foundation, donors like The Orvis Company and through state and federal grants.

This is truly a success story of what can be accomplished if everyone pitches in and works together for the benefit of the resource. The Big Hole River is a great fly fishing river and one of the Blue Ribbon Streams of Montana, but it is also a good example for other watersheds to emulate in their efforts to improve their own local rivers and streams.

For show times click here and to find out if you get the World Fishing Network click here.

We hope you’ll enjoy the show and please email us your thoughts-we’d enjoy hearing from you!


Craig Fellin

50 Places To Fly Fish Before You Die

We are proud to announce Big Hole Lodge will be featured in episode two of Fifty Places To Fly Fish Before You Die, a television series on the World Fishing Network based on a book by Chris Santella. Click the photo to watch the promotional video and tune in Sunday January 18th to watch the show!

Promo Video

Promo Video for episode two: Big Hole River

“The Big Hole River in southwestern Montana is a study in contrasts: running through high mountain country, sprawling valleys, and rugged canyons. We launch near the town of Wise River and our timing couldn’t have been better, the much sought after salmon fly hatch is in full swing and the trout fishing is really heating up. We land a very nice brown trout in the eighteen inch range and catch some rainbow trout as well. While here we meet with Jim Olsen, the biologist on the Big Hole drainage and Harold Peterson, a rancher in the valley. Together, they provide great insight on how conservation efforts to keep adequate water levels in the river benefit both man and wildlife.”